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Hi, I have recently noticed that quite a lot of money can be made through YouTube and I am going to start a very special artists account. I think that in the first year we can make 1,000 subscribers in the next few months and once we get to about 10,000 we will be able to make lots of money through ads. This is made possible by building up videos and subscribers until we get to about 10,000 and then we will be able to make the day's best page and the views from there are plentiful.

I know many of you do not want to do it for the money and that is not the main reason why I am doing it, I just want to do the same on YouTube with this group as I have on DA. Once we start putting ads onto our videos then we can share any money it makes but it is mainly for the fun. It will be too much work getting all 17,000 of us onto a YouTube account but I may share it with up to 100 people. We can also put flash animations onto YouTube if you want to make them.

I am looking for people with expertise in areas or just good at making fun videos. eg. I make juggling videos and Rubiks cubing videos. If you are interested then please tell me what you can make videos of and then I will give you the details to get onto the account when you want to submit them. I will then find a way of keeping in contact with you and then we can make videos together. Please can you also comment with how we can stay in touch. I would suggest a Facebook or Skype group as people that will make YouTube videos should have Facebook as this is good for promotion.

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