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I am feeling in a good mood so I am giving everyone the change to become a contributor. All you need to do is add this link and a personal comment onto your journal,group or signature. (Multiple will be great.)
And then you will need to like us on facebook and tweet us. If you have these.

If you want to be a co-founder then you will need to get 100 people to like or tweet about us and then let me know. And if you are not interested in the positions then please check out the site and give me some feedback and feel free to like tweet or share about us. (it is easy to get 100 people to like us, Just post it to your friends)

Also a quick group rank update, We are 54th, this is not bad but I feel that we can do better so if you do this for me then i will try to make our group great and I will answer any of your problems with a quick note or comment.

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